Selection of the lab equipment available in 7 air-conditioned class 4 laser laboratories:

Laser systems:

  • Femtosecond high power Ti:Sa laser in combination with an optical parametric oscillator (fs-OPO) and second harmonic generation. The system is able to cover the full spectral range between 340nm and 1600nm with a typical pulse width of 120-200fs.
  • Picosecond Ti:Sa laser (680nm-1000nm)
  • Ti:Sa laser, 830nm, 500mW, 30fs (own design)
  • Nanosecond Nd:YAG laser in combination with an optical parametric oscillator (ns-OPO). The laser system emits 5ns pulses at an repetition rate of 10Hz und covers a spectral range of 355nm-2500nm
  • Supercontinuum light source (450nm-2400nm)
  • Stabilized semiconductor lasers (850nm) for THz difference frequency generation using photomixing antennas
  • 100fs fiber laser (1550nm, 100Hz rep. rate) with optical delay line for pump-probe THz spectroscopy using optical photo mixing

Spectroscopy/ Detectors:

  • Synchro-scan streak camera with 2ps time resolution; slow single sweep unit with up to 20ps resolution
  • Various optical spectrometers with thermally cooled and LN2-cooled cameras and single detectors (LN2-Si-CCD, LN2-In¬GaAs-OMA, LN2-Ge-photodetector, …)
  • Optical spectrum analyzers (350-1750nm)
  • Superconducting magnet system with optical flow cryostat (4K-325K, 0-3.5T)
  • Raman spectrometer (785nm pump)
  • Optical autocorrelator including FROG (frequency resolved optical gating)
  • Various USB-spectrometers for VIS and IR
  • Golay cell/ pyroelectric detectors for FIR


  • Confocal microscope (own design, lateral resolution: 500nm; axial: 4µm)
  • Commercial and custom design OCT systems
  • Digital holographic microscope (own design, lateral resolution: 1µm; axial: 20nm)
  • Lensless digital holographic microscope (own design)
  • FMCW radar system for 300GHz imaging (reflection and transmission)
  • Imaging cameras for VIS and NIR


  • Stokes polarimeter for polarization resolved measurements with 0,01% accuracy
  • Optical power meters for high-power, low-power, pulsed and cw measurements
  • Spatial-Light-Modulators
  • Electrical spectrum analyzer, oscilloscopes and HF-technique in the GHz regime
  • Lock-in amplifiers


  • Plasma Etching System (temporarily installed in cleanroom of University of Duisburg-Essen - ZHO Duisburg)
  • Bonder (Ultraschall-Ball-Wedge and Deep Access Wedge-Wedge)


  • Optical simulation software (VirtualLab and Optialix)