Dynamic mode switching of a RF modulated external cavity laser diode - Due to spectral hole burning

1992 - Martin R. Hofmann , J. Sacher, W. Elsäßer, E.O. Göbel

The 1992 European Semiconductor laser workshop, Potsdam

Mode locking of semiconductor lasers through optoelectronic feedback (OEFB)

1992 - Martin R. Hofmann , M. Ziegler, J. Sacher, W. Elsäßer, E.O. Göbel

Europ. Conf. on Opt. Commun., scientific exhibition, Berlin

Picosecond pulse generation in a GaAs/ GaAlAs single - quantum well laser at the first and second subband transition

1992 - W. Elsäßer, J. Sacher, F. Hackenbuchner, Martin R. Hofmann , E.O. Göbel, S. Schuster, T. Wicht, H. Haug, H. Jung, E. Schlosser

IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 4, 966